I've been checking out mtbr and shiggy's site for a light-midweight trail tire. My SC Chameleon is on a diet after letting itself go as a skatepark bike. The bike has a Nixon fork, that I run around 125mm. Rolling resistance is a big thing for me as when I first picked up this singlespeed it had Maxxis HolyRoller Dirt Jumper tires on it, which are sicko fast and very confidence inspiring in the right conditions. They feel huge at 2.4 with low profile bmx style flat knobs, but obviously were crap if the trail wasn't dry hardpack. I switched out to some kevlar Smoke/Dart classics I had new in a box, which are not quite there for me. I actually like the smoke, but the Dart is just to skinny for comfort up front when I'm putting the long travel fork to use. I mainly ride rolling singletrack with a decent amount of Kentucky root and rock depending on the trail. So far I've got my choices down to a Mutano Raptor 2.4, Mibro 2.25, and I am also really interested in the Panaracer Razer 2.3. I can't find too much opinion on the razer. I am mainly looking for a new front, but may go ahead and mount up front and rear as the smoke could be faster. The Nobby Nic and weirwolf look good, but I am going for something I can pick up on-line for $30 each max.

Let me know what you know.