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    Collecting money for bike..

    For last 3 years i really got into mountain biking (i'm 15 years old). I switched couple of bicycles but all were in <500 euro price rang. I tend to ride downhill/freeride but lack of good bike/gear is problem. Since my parents are against this sport (safety, money..) all money i collect are strictly mine. I do not ask my parents for money and they don't buy me anything bike involved.

    So could you tell me some ways that i can earn money, because i really need money to get dh/fr bike so i can shred harder. Most of money i get now are from reselling bike parts online. Currently my bike is 450-500e worthy, plus i have 150e of saved money = around 600-650e.
    And i need ~1000e for some better bike. And that equals that i need around 400e more.

    P.S I'm straight A and B student (high school) so school is not a problem. Also i won 3rd place in a MTB race last year.
    Honestly my dream life would be to have a sponsor and live from riding

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    Your parents sound like really supportive folks!

    Mow a lawn, wash a car, etc. Or go get a summer job if you are allowed where you live at 15.
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    Being the parent of a fifteen year old boy, I can honestly appreciate your parents decision against you shredding harder. At fifteen, a boy's ego can lead them into territory that their body isn't developmentally ready for. The right kind injury at your age can really hinder your abilities when you reach my age. Just be careful and don't use yourself all up before you get to be my age is all I'm getting at here.

    Being that age once myself, I can also appreciate your predicament and commend your attitude on making your own way. The best advise I can give you is find a niche and fill it. My son is wanting to buy a car soon, and has,as mentioned above, been mowing lawns. So far he's made close to a grand since school let out this past June. He has been working his butt off, and soon he will meet his goal.

    As an idea, if you live in a decently populated area, offer to use your current bike to go pick up groceries for the folks in your neighborhood. I know I would pay someone to grab mine to alleviate some of my schedule.

    Good luck to you, man!
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    @elcaro1101 Well i can't say they are not supportive, they are still my parents but this form of extreme biking is pretty unknown where i live. So they are more of ignorant with something unfamiliar to them. For example they support my education

    @J. Fragera Well i understand that either, but on the other side i have full body armor which i bought to make my parents feel less worried. Honestly my last bigger crash ended with dislocated elbow, but still nothing big.
    I actually find that i can sell old stuff from my garage. Last time i made money from selling origami on street. But that was too little money.

    Anyways, parents are a big trouble on my neck. Last time i didn't see my bike for 2 months because my parents saw me doing 15ft road gap... Actually now that i think of it, they had right to do it. I'm a bit insane with all that extreme stuff, but still want to earn some money and really rip the trail harder. My best is reselling stuff online, which is my main money making source right now.

    Thanks for all support guys!

    P.S I'm really good at maths and physics so i would like to go on engineering college. So if i could find a job in bicycle company that would be awesome as well

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    Re: Collecting money for bike..

    Sure go ahead and race but sounds like your greater gift is your brain. If you get an engineering degree, according to the CEO of today on cspan there are a hundred thousand open engineering jobs world wide that are unfulfilled. Keep with the engineering and physics and you'll be assured a long life of nice bikes. If you try to be a pro racer, I'm sure it will be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience but you'll be training 7 days a week and won't have much of a life outside. You could do it though. Anyone can with the right amount and the right kind of practice, and a good coach.

    For short term cash, figure out how to use your brain. I taught myself excel and got temp jobs managing spreadsheets in law offices and collection agencies in college because no one knew how in the office. They were paying me less than the career office people, but close, which was a fortune for me.

    A buddy of mine put himself through college by building world of war craft characters and reselling them and the loot (armor, weapons) on eBay and other sites. He found hacks and bugs in WoW that allowed him to cheat the system and create experience points and earn WoW bucks very fast. He was making $30k a year doing this till they fixed the bugs.

    But the theme here is find scarcity and exploit it. Mowing lawns? There's no shortage of people to do that.

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    Well, i'm going to finish engineering college for sure. It's something that i'm interested in. After all, i really enjoy fixing my bike. It's my bike that got me into engineering, basically i tore apart and serviced everything on it couple of times. Learned a lot from that, and once i got hang of it i realized i really like it. Also i like drawing rear suspension systems.

    By the way, really thanks for everything I started getting some ideas.

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    Get a part time job at a lbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ithacking View Post
    Honestly my dream life would be to have a sponsor and live from riding
    Far better is to earn a lot of money (inventing something, investing wisely, or consulting on something no one else knows, etc.) and then ride where and when you want without having to keep a sponsor happy.

    If you are good with tools, consider doing baby-proofing in people's homes for them.

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