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    All I can say is F U C K parcelforce.

    What a ****ing bunch of assclowns. I just cannot believe how slow these ****ers are.

    So i ordered some stuff a few days ago. The package left crc the same day, just a few hours later but the muddas over at parcelforce decieded to hold on to my package for what 6 ****ing days?? 6 days to to shove it on a ****ing plane??? is this for real?

    this was with the "priority" (faster) option.. What priority?? are they putting this package on a rowboat rowing it here or what??

    Yeah I know its xmas, but seriously xmas happens every ****ing year!! so its no exuse to be slow.

    **** this ****.
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    Specialized sucks ass.

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    If it is a Christmas gift, it should have priority, but xmas, not so much!

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