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    Chain Slipping - Giant Yukon

    Hey Everyone,
    Got a quick question for anyone who may have experience with this problem. I have a 2001 Giant Yukon with a Shimano Deore shifter system. All stock parts. Recently, the chain began to slip when I am in the second gear on the front and gears 2-6 on the back. It usually happens when I go over bumps when I am pedaling hard. As a result, I try to keep it in 1st gear up front and a really high gear in the back (I think the tension might prevent it from slipping in this case?) In any event, I do not know how to fix this. I tried to adjust the rear shifter springs by tightening some screws and it did not work. It does seem like my teeth are worn down in the rear but I don't know if it is the problem. Can I fix this by getting a new, tighter chain? Do I need to adjust the tension on the chain some other way? Do I need new rear gears? Or should I just take it in to the shop?
    Thank you!

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    If your cassette is 12 years old it is time to replace it and replace the chain at the same time
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    You probley need new chain rings too. You can measure the chain for wear with a 1' ruler ,it should be 12"from pin to pin.

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