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    chain falling off problem?

    Hi, i've been having a problem with my chain coming off my back chain rings when going over rough/bumpy sections. I'm currently running a 3x9 setup. I was thinking of changing to a 1x9 and putting on of these;
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    or similar.
    Any thoughts?

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    Instead of having to go 1x9 ....The chain falling off the cassette would be remedied with something along theses lines Brand-X Chain Tensioner | Buy Online |

    See here too:

    Great CHEAP chain tensioner for Bandit 26 and 29er!

    However, I would also look at the adjustment of your RD, and make sure it is good to go. Dropping the front to the inside is more common.

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    Re: chain falling off problem?

    Couple things:
    Front =chainring
    Rear =cogs, or cassette

    I think you're saying the chain is skipping and/or falling off the rear cogs, right?

    Ok, if its falling off to the inside, towards the spokes, your 'low' limit screw on your rear derailleur should be adjusted to prevent this. Very bad for spokes, especially if you don't have the cheap plastic guard thingy, which is a faux pax anyways (don't go out and buy one )

    If its falling off to the outside, try adjusting your upper 'h' limit screw.
    But, if you find yourself spending a lot of time in this gear, either you're crazy fast, or you're not shifting right:

    (Sorry in advance if I'm explaining something you're expert at here, but . . . ) when going downhill or when it gets gnarly, are you shifting in advance into your big chainring? (try not to be in your biggest cog in the rear when you do this). Doing this keeps tension on the chain and keeps it from coming off as much. Usually on moderate dh's you get a lot of your speed from gravity and if you can carry it through turns and rough sections you'll find yourself pedaling less. So you can stay big ring in front, maybe middle gear or lower in back, keeping tension, but then anticipating pedaling sections and shifting up ahead of time so you're not spinning out when pedal time comes.

    Sure a chain guide or tensioners helps but there's no need to go 1x9 unless you're to the point where you're dropping the chain even despite the above shifting technique and/or really building yourself a all mountain oriented ride for heavy hits and drops.

    Hope that helps.

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    I'm descending using my biggest chain ring and cog and i find the chain jumps from the biggest cog, to the next biggest, to the nest biggest and so on...
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    chain falling off problem?

    There's no chainrings in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamface54 View Post
    I'm descending using my biggest chain rings (front and back) and i find the chain jumps from the biggest, to the next biggest, to the nest biggest and so on...
    Oh don't do that, "big-big" is a bad idea in all cases, the chain is all cross up, the rear derailleur under a lot of stress plus you are accomplishing nothing with such a gear..

    Just adjust your limit screws with the cable disconnect it using your hand to move it into the bigger cogs..

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