I have a 2013 Salsa Colossal steel road bike that has an ENVE full carbon fork. As I was changing the tire last night, I got to over thinking things like I tend to do and wondered if the clamping skewer force like on other forks might damage this one. I usually just screw tighten until resistance is felt then flip the QR over and it leaves a red imprint in my palm. Some force is needed but not like baseball stance grunting force.
Should I back off on this fork and QR? It has safety nubs for retention so the fork won't just drop out easily if not tightened correctly BUT since it has disks, wheel wobble is more noticeable if not tightened enough.
So can you damage a carbon fork by over clamping? And am I over clamping?
The bike is a week old and I haven't had carbon before. Anything else I need to know?