Hi - I bought a used set of TurboCat lights 5-6 weeks weeks ago. The person took a few weeks to send the charger, and in the mean time, I pieced together a charging system. The battery is a 6V Li. battery and the charger that came with the system charges @7.5V but it does not shut off when its completed charging. While waiting for the charger, I picked up a charger for 7.5V batteries from RadioShack--its one of their standard charges for their RC-car batteries. The nice thing about it, is that after the battery charges, the charger turns off. The only downside, is that since it is for a 7.5V battery, it outputs closer to 9V while charging.

I used my RadioShack charger a couple of times before the OEM arrived. I plan to switch to the OEM charger but it appears to be a basic 'wall-wart' (i.e., your standard a/c to d/c converter), but wondered if anyone knows enough about batteries to say whether I can continue to use the other charger. I do not like experimenting with these batteries as they are not cheap to replace.

Any help or pointers to other sites is appreciate.