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    Has balance been a struggle for any of you out there? I seriously have the worse balance in the world. My co-workers joke that when I have an idea I fall over.

    Anyway, I'm 6'5 and often times feel like a skyscraper swaying in the wind. Mountain biking has been incredibly challenging. I often have the dumbest unnecessary crashes where I go off the trail.

    Has anyone got the fluid in their ears checked and if so did it make a difference? Any insight into this?

    I have tried core exercises and for a year was doing indoor climbing and really didn't see an improvement. I really love mountain biking but have this nagging urging that if I had better balance I would enjoy it more or see a side to it and life I never knew existed.

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    Many of us ride despite some sort of challenge. Riding may not give you great balance, but maybe better balance will come slowly.
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    Balance and flexibility are two things that can always be improved, no matter where you are on the scale.

    We put a slackline up in our backyard, it is remarkable how quickly you can train your balance skills.

    It has definitely helped my riding and skiing.

    Flexibility? Meh.


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    I agree with the others, balance is one of those things that comes with practice, barring some actual physical issue. If you suspect this is an issue, get tested, otherwise, ride/walk/run/balance your way to fun.

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    For cycling practicing track stands is the best cure for bad balance.

    Balance boards, slack ropes and so on are great additional techniques but there's nothing like actual on-bike practice.

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    Re: Balance

    Interesting problem but agree its just practice. You are on the right track with core strength. Get a balance board (or even a couple different types, and work on them in front of the tv.

    Build yourself a skinny: start with a 2x6x8ft, narrowing to 2x4 before the exit. Start low, then start raising it higher off the ground.

    Also, at 6 foot five, many say 29ers fit them better all around. look at 29ers without super high bb clearance - that way your bb is below the line of the hubs, giving you stability in cornering.

    When you fall is it usually during cornering, rocky technical dh, technical climbing . . . ? Take a skills course focused on your deficiency, for example cornering correctly can make an enormous difference: lean the bike, not the rider, straighten the inside arm, point the outside elbow up and out, rotate hips towards the exit of the turn.

    its just practice: by believing there is something 'wrong', you perpetuate the problem. Practice practice practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprunghunt View Post
    For cycling practicing track stands is the best cure for bad balance.

    Balance boards, slack ropes and so on are great additional techniques but there's nothing like actual on-bike practice.
    I have Menieres disease (inner ear problem) and my balance while walking sucks. So I don't walk anywhere. I ride everywhere. Years of practise & I'm better at riding than walking.
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    Try riding on top of 4" curbs, practice makes perfect.

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    And to check your progress see how long you can balance on one foot.
    Repeat with your eyes closed.
    Over 30 seconds eyes closed is good.

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    When you ride, keep your gaze a few feet in front. Don't look at your tire
    Balance is also easier to maintain when you are moving faster
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    I agree, try to work on the eyes, learn to look ahead.
    It takes time to make the connections to deal with "drunken sailor" balance issues. Specialized exercises like posted above can help, add to those bare foot heal to toe on soft foam mat and maybe head turns. The ability to scan the trail without causing stress can be a remarkably complex task.
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