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Thread: baggie shorts

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    baggie shorts

    does any one have any suggestions on a good pair of baggie riding shorts?

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    Baggy Shorts

    Shorts recommendation?

    What Baggy Shorts ?

    There are tons of other threads, but this should be enough to keep you busy.

    by the way, I'll reccomend Hoss Ponderosa, available either at Hoss online store or I think Jenson.

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    I picked up some Oakley Ballistic 3.6 shorts on for about $40. Extremely comfortable and cool shorts.

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    Performance has a nice short that's on sale a lot for 30something.

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    My favorite way to go lately has been a thin Performance lycra under a pair of unlined mtb shells.

    The way combo shorts fits just bugs me (Fox, Performance, etc.).


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    I will offer up what I am doing. I am riding SWOBO liners. They are fairly expensive compared to the liners that are sold at Performance or other online retailers. But the SWOBO liner is very comfortable and very well built. Then I went to my local Kohls and found some cheap poly cargo shorts with minimal seams. It works well for me. The shorts at Kohls are marketed as skate boarding shorts. They have some small tags on them that say Tony Hawk. So, I guess the guy has a clothing line now. I'm not a skateboarder.

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    If you find a pair of shorts that that you really like, go and buy a few pair of them. This helped me as I was always looking through the laundry for the same pair, even though I had a few pair of shorts. They will last a while if you are switching them off too.

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    I'm diggin the Hoss Ponderosa short. I wish you could upgrade the liners or chamios but overall a really nice pair of shorts.
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