So I love my mountain bike, but bike thefts/bike parts thefts are really bad here (South Korea) and I want to have a cheaper/less flashy bike to take to the grocery store or whatever I'm thinking of picking up a folding bike (I live in a tiny apartment).

A friend's friend is selling a Titicaca Flight. It's supposedly very high quality, but she's selling it for about 3x as much (still cheap, roughly $120 vs. $40) as the average going rate for a used folding bike.

What I'd like to know is...are they any good? I think it might be a Korean brand, since I can't find much info on it on Google...and what little I find is in Korean.

Anyone heard of Titicaca bikes? Are they worth the premium, or should I just go with an el-cheapo folding bike and call it a day?