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    Anyone ever tried Amino-Vital

    I was reading about it on their web-site and I was wondering if anyone had any experiance, good or bad, with it?
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    on amino-vital

    have not personally used it, but work with a guy who does long distance canoe races (up to 15 hrs of continuous paddling), is an exercise physiologist, and knows way too much about performance enhancement and supplements--he swears by it. I'm not really at that level of training, but if i ever do another ironamn or such, i will try it based on his experience.

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    Good job! Amino Vital @ Interbike.

    I got to try some at Interbike this past year! I have to say one thing, the stuff can be additctive! LOL The natural flavor tastes like Lemonade, mabe better.. LOL They were passing out drinks and samples of the stuff.. I have some of the samples and have just started training for the spring / summer season. Seems to be pretty good stuff! I talked to a bunch of others at the show who have used it for a race season, and they said, the stuff is good.. So, i guess i will have to see for myself. Just thought id drop a few lines on the stuff.. Have a nice day!! GO BIG!! Always wear a helmet!!

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