• 03-18-2013
    "Alt" or Alternative Mountain Bike Handlebar Round Up
    I've put together a list of over 30 "Alt" mountain bike handlebars. These designs tend to have a lot more sweep than a normal MTB handlebar for a neutral wrist position. Have you used any of these bars personally? What kind of sweep do you like?

    Alternative or "Alt" Mountain Bike Handlebar Round Up

  • 03-18-2013
    I've used the Titec J bar which is he same dimensions as the Jones bar- and now I have a Jones loop bar.

    Some of those bars look cool but I love my Jones so much I wouldn't be open to trying anything else right now.
  • 03-18-2013
    Ragley Carnegies. Unfortunately, they're not available anymore. :cryin:
  • 03-18-2013
    I have the Origin-8 Propulsion Gary II bars. They are on a full rigid disc brake multi-speed 26 wheel bike that I use for adventure rides (with the wheels off fits into my wife's car trunk, take it to go exploring all over California when I travel with her when she visits business clients), commuting, or general riding when I don't want to take the full-suspension.

    I have this set up with Shimano bar-end shifters and interrupter brake levers with regular drop levers. These off-road drop bars give me a lot of different hand/grip positions for the variety of uses this bikes has. When on a long exploratory ride, when I might be on singletrack, fire-road, pavement, etc it is really nice to be able to take advantage of those different bends in the bar. If the hands/wrists/arms/back get tired I always have multiple positions to move to.

    I looked at several of the other "alt" bars but kept going back to these things, so I bought them.
  • 11-29-2013
    still on my jones loops after 2 years... love them.

    thinking that the new h-bar from jeff might be even better though.

    i like the idea of visually simple bars. clearly position is most important but i think less in your prerifferial vision is a tiny improvement. raw ti catches the light (i expect no sympathy - haha) but im serious...

    and alt bars are about fitting a sweet spot rather than any 'standard'. i remember removing bar ends years ago and feeling better at the bike having 'less stuff going on'. i enjoyed blasting stuff more...

    before that i ran scott at-4 bars on my cannondale sm1000. on reflection they were terrible. borrowed wider risers on a more recent stumpjumper and the bike came alive. wide bars are good. big sweep is good.

    i ride a ti jones and i still think it looks weird but its the best bike ive ever ever been on. these new bars (along with my knard out front) totally nails it.

    mtbr friends using alt bars?


    thumbs up!
  • 11-30-2013
    soma Clarence here. love the comfort but I feel I've lost some control
  • 12-01-2013
    I just got some Origin8 Batwing bars. they look like Groovy Luv Handles. Have not ridden them yet with all the rain and work schedule.
  • 12-01-2013
    I have 3 pairs of Titec H-bars, love them. I have also had some Soma Clarance bars, Bontrager Big Sweeps, and some 25 degree Civias. REALLY want to invest in some Loops but can't justify spending that much when I already have something so similar. Someday.