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    Adjusting Shimano M445 hydraulic disk brake lever reach

    I tried to adjust the lever reach located behind the lever by turning it with a 2mm allen screwdriver. Do I need another procedure to ensure that the rotation of the lever reach screw will not let air inside the brake system? Is it fine if I just turn the lever reach screw to adjust my brake levers? I'm asking this because I used to get an air bubble inside without knowing why.
    Thanks in advance

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    The adjustment screw won't let air into your bakes. If this is happening, something else is causing it.


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    Keep in mind, you are simply adjusting the reach with that screw. This is meant to adapt to people with different length fingers. It is setting how far away from the bar to the lever. It is a purely mechanical adjustment and should have nothing to do with the hydraulics.

    If you are thinking that this adjustment will adjust the amount of depression when squeezing the break, that would be something different. If your brakes are too "squishy", then you probably need to bleed them.

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