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    From a couple of years ago:

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    Found these wrecks around old farm fields on LI a few weeks ago riding with my dad:
    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-img_20140608_132512_100.jpg

    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-img_20140608_161614_942.jpg

    And this one was from this Sunday, it's a 90's Cavalier exactly like my sister's ugly green one, except in much worse shape, and upside down, and with a big chunk kinda ripped off because I was dragging it around with my Jeep a few years ago.
    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-img_20140713_170927_326.jpg

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    Tahoe City....

    .......found these 2 off the Tahoe Rim Trail...not far from the trail junction in Tahoe City....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-image.jpg  

    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-image.jpg  

    There are two paths you can go by but in the long run........

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    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread

    Old old truck buried way in ground on the trails I ride in Kansas. Engine block still in it. Some wanna be hoodlums decided to make it their canvas recently.

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    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-bike-car-2.jpg

    Attachment 911229

    Random car and car/truck frame in North Lake Tahoe:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-bike-car-3.jpg  

    Get out of the gutter and onto the mountain top.

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    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread

    found this out in valley branch in Indiana. Old willy wagon

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    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-20131019_110653-2-.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raleighguy29 View Post
    found this out in valley branch in Indiana. Old willy wagon
    What's up with all those pipes? Weird
    Quote Originally Posted by CannondaleF9 View Post
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    On top of the San Andreas fault, literally.
    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-img_20140712_135609_355.jpg

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    The bottom picture looks like a Late 50's American Rambler.

    Random car and car/truck frame in North Lake Tahoe:[/QUOTE]
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    Re: The Abandoned Vehicle Thread

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    Grand Prix Fire

    Don't know why but I love this thread. Here is a remnat of the Gran Prix Fire that ripped through the hillsides of the San Gabriel Mountains, southern California in 2003. And the Ritcehy P-21.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-ritchey-p-21-palmer-canyon-2.jpg  

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    Saw this on the "Look at my bike leaning against stuff" Facebook page.

    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-10580185_10152566214447210_3673886774333296765_n.jpg
    No moss...

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    Here are a couple new finds. Please feel free to identify them.

    Located at Graham Hills Park in Pleasantville, NY (near the bottom of red trail):
    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-dscn3232.jpg

    Located at Wildcat Ridge WMA in Rockaway, NJ (about 100 yards off the orange trail):
    The Abandoned Vehicle Thread-dscn3249.jpg

    The 1st one still had the motor, which seems to be a rarity. The 2nd one was a beauty in its day!

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