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    1999 specialized fsr expert

    so i picked this thing up last week because mountain biking seems like something i could really get into and this bike was something i could afford as i didn't feel like spending 1500+ on a brand new bike. but i havn't been able to find any info on this bike could anyone help me out with this? also what kind of general upkeep comes along with these bikes? it was in storage for about 5 years the guy said so i've already replaced the tires the chain and put air in the shocks. i was thinking about putting on disk breaks because i see where they bolt on but it have v-breaks, which are better? anything else i should look into doing?

    thanks for any help you guys can give


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    Light and vesatile bike.

    With different forks and the BETD swing arm and bearing kit it can go from a cross country race bike to a 5 inch free ride ride bike. I don't know if BETD kit, or someone else's, is still available.

    Mine is currently back in 3" cross country form as a loaner bike and still a great bike.

    Keep the pivots in good condition, and everthing lubed.

    Nothing wrong adding disc brakes if it's in your budget

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    what all do i need to keep lubed?
    is there a certain type of fork i should look into?

    not trying to make a race bike just something that is fun and easy for me to learn on.

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    I would just ride the bike as is... and don't throw that old chain away til you know the new one will play well with the old cassette and rings. Get it serviced/checked out by your LBS, don't put too much money into it til you know what you have. It was a great bike in it's day but it's day has passed.
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