I had an '08 HiFi Pro (which was a replacement for a cracked 292) and cracked the swing arm. I got a new Superfly 100 Pro Al frame from Trek. There a number of differences between my old frame and this new one, such as: tapered head tube, pressed-in bottom bracket, ABP rear wheel mount, direct mount front derailleur. I figure I need a new crank (my old one was an XT Octalink), bottom bracket, front derailleur, headset adapter and maybe a new headset. I see there is an adapter for the rear wheel. Looks like they may have included the headset adapter in the box, and a Maxle skewer (is this the wheel adapter?). I think the sea tpost will fit, but I'm not sure.

I'm a little confused. Is there anything else I'm going to need or be aware of? Are 10 speed cranks and derailleurs compatible with 9 speed?