• 07-29-2013
    GF Rumblefish sizing advice
    Hi All,

    I'm interested in getting my first Gary Fisher (Rumblefish I). I am buying the bike used, and I won't be able to demo it.

    So my question is, what size would you recommend for me?

    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 150
    Inseam: 34"

    Yes I'm super tall and thin. I'd go demo a bike at a local shop but I'm yet to find one that has an XL or XXL to demo, and I want to do more than ride it around the shop. The bike I'm on right now is 20" and it is too small, my neck/back ache after every ride.

    Any thoughts/advice would be really helpful!


  • 07-29-2013
    I would guess (just a guess) you would want the XXL. I'm 5'11 on a 19-Large.

    You might try posting in the Trek forum too, since I think the Rumblefish basically went unchanged after being rebadged Trek in 2011. Might be some taller riders there that could give you better advice.
  • 07-29-2013
    Will do, thanks for the reply!
  • 07-30-2013
    I'm 6'2" on an XL Rumblefish and wouldn't want to ride anything smaller. I have found competitive cyclist's fit calculator to be a reasonable starting point for sizing. It recommended a 24.7-25.1 in top tube for me and the Rumblefish has a 24.7. I ended up having to put a 110mm stem on it to feel right.

    Fit Calculator - Competitive Cyclist