• 07-12-2015
    They replaced just the frame and shock. They offered me an older 26" model, but I just got new wheels etc
  • 01-27-2016
    I also had the recent unfortunate experience to replace my aged Roscoe. I was probably riding one of the last in service 3's with white paint (and a few different coloured chain stays).

    Trek gave me a 2013 Remedy 26 frame (no shock, but it mounted my DRCV from the Roscoe) as a replacement, on which I hung all my other parts. I never rode it and sold it as a complete bike to fund my move to 29".

    I must say that the Roscoe was a fantastic bike, and well ahead of its time in terms of function and geometry. I never felt like it was made irrelevant as the "long top tube, short stem" came en vogue, as the rig was built partially there from the start. The only piece was to slacken out the HA, and a 160mm fork did a great job there. Probably an under-rated bike that will be much better known for it's wimpy chain stays than how progressive it was with DRCV shock tech, tapered HT and the G2 geometry.
  • 07-18-2016
    Hi all, I am the one who broke my Roscoe and got a Trek fuel. I figured I would share an update for all other Roscoe owners. They sent me a brand new Fuel ex 9, any parts that didn't fit from the old bike, they replaced. I rode my Fuel kinda hard. The frame got punctured by a rock. Even though it wasn't a manufacture defect, Trek still offered me 30% off the next frame.

    They are taking good care of their customers :D