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    Fisher Genesis for my son?

    I am looking at buying a mountain bike for my son. I went through and measured him using the Bike Fit Calculator and came up with these:

    Actual Inseam27 In
    Trunk17 In
    Forearm11 In
    Arm21 In
    Thigh17 In
    Lower Leg17.5 In
    Sternal Notch47 In
    Total Height58 In

    I saw an add on line for a Fisher Genesis 13 inch frame that said:

    bike is a Martin GS. It is a 13" (33cm) aluminum frame with Genesis geometry. rims (26 inch x 2.25)

    could this be a fit for my son?

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    One of our bike team kids xc races a 15 inch supercaliber hard tail with an old 3 inch sid fork.

    Its a great bike for him.
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