I picked up my wahoo earlier this year cost me right at $480 out the door at my LBS plus 2 free tune ups some other goodies. Since then I invested another $80 bucks and purchased a set of Avid BB7's to make it disc.

I am considering upgrading the drive train from 24 to 27 speed. Trying to invest the minimal amount of cash to do so by huying parts on EBAY and such since the frames between the 2 bikes are the same and its just a component issue. here is what I have so far.

9 speed compatible Deore FD top pull bottom swing.

9 speed chain

9 speed SRAM 11-32 Cassette

Here is a comparison of the two bikes.


I will need to find some shifters, BB and a crank. Should I stick with the stock Shimano crank ( M442 ) as stated on the GF website or should I maybe pick up a Trutativ set?

Also I am assuming I cant use my bottom braket I currently have because it will be too long. The one I have on the Wahoo is a 124.5mm while the one for the Marlin is a 113mm I believe from what i can find online.

Any help is greatly appreciated.