So I own a 2008 GF HiFi Deluxe (26in wheels) and love it. I have read the broken frame thread about HiFi's and came away with some questions regarding why so many frames break. This is not just for HiFi's or Fishers-any make or model.

I have always wondered what type riding was being done, but that is too subjective. One mans "gnar" is another mans Sunday ride. One dude's "only dropped two feet" could be 5 feet if a tape measure was broken out. SO I am looking for something more substantial.

The question I will ask is based on this idea. Before full suspension that actually worked well and did not weigh 32 lbs for a 5 inch bike- the frames were much more beefy- which is a given as new technologies have come out since the beginning. Also, when everyone rode a hardtail, the "style" was to to stand much more on the pedals over bumps so you would not pee blood after the ride! I noticed later that folks who never ever rode hardtails tended to sit more over bumps, and that riders who had switched over to full tended to stand more often.

I often watch less experienced riders sitting through G-out's and on drops-especially those that rode motocross previously. This naturally puts more stress on the entire bike than standing or at the very least unweighting the bike a little over severe bumps. So I wonder, when manufacturers are building a XC or AM bike (versus a more aggressive frame) are they taking the 'sit down' factor into account? Are we riding the bike to its intended design in the first place?

So I ask- and I DO NOT wish for this thread to be a place to bash people for how they ride- How do you ride? Are you a sitter or a stander? Do you think the manufacturers should design bikes for both styles and market them that way and is that even a feasible model for them?

I'll go first. I am a stander. I feel it gives me better control over the bike to make adjustments to it's attitude quickly in rougher, more technical sections. I chose a full squish because I like to sit over the small 2-3" bumps and rocks (we have lots here!) to conserve energy and I am also not as young as I used to be! I have never broken a frame and only weigh in around 140#. I consider my style to be light and nimble rather than plowing through things. Okay- I did snap a DG BMX in half back in the day, but that was after I tried to weld the crack in the frame myself with no weld experience!