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    Bontrager Jones XR Tread Direction

    I'm sure this could of gone in the wheel/tire section but I figured I'd ask some fellow Fisher owners. What direction do you have your rear XR facing. I noticed that the small indicator on the sidewall is pointing in the correct direction but it seems the tread is facing backwards.

    If the rotation is to the right of this screen the tread looks like this: <<<<< not >>>>> as I would expect.

    Is this same for all of yours as well?

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    That is correct.
    Worked at Trek/Fisher dealer 2008-2013. Only a little biased.

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    Does it really make a difference. I have ridden the 1.8 with the tread facing forward other times with the tread facing backward and even with a "front tire" (different tread) on the rear wheel and I've seen no difference in speed or grip.

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