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Thread: '99 Paragon

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    '99 Paragon

    I'm trying to upgrade my old hardtail to disk brakes and I'm having trouble finding an adapter for the rear wheel. I've been told that the adapter is pretty tough to find. Has anyone done a similar upgrade? If so, where did you get the part?

    Below is a picture of the bike.

    Thanks for the help.
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    I would get a new fork with disc tabs(if you haven't already) and just stick a front disc on there. That is where most of your stopping power comes from anyhow.

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    I stock the only adaptor you can get. (in the Uk) made by A2Z it converts 22mm spacing to 51mm. £15. I'm sure you should be able to find a US distributer or equiv. (Get your local Trek dealer to talk to Trek tech services - it's a regular ask!) It's also worth noting if your frame is smaller than 17" you will have clearance problems as the space is lacking above where the caliper will sit. It also helps if you have a newer slim caliper. If the brake is from a similar period as the frame it will probably be too bulky.

    Good Luck!
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    919 This is the best place I have found to find these adapters. If you use the smaller one at the bottom of the page they say you have to use a 180mm disk on the back. However if you use a 160mm front IS adapter then you can run a 160 on the back, this also helps with the spacing issues. A front adapter is 20mm closer to the frame then the rear. This is how all the weight weenies run 140mm rotors on the back of their hardtails. Post some pics if you go this route.
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