Went to the LBS today and rode a 29er for the first time and absolutely loved the feel. The bike I rode was the Marlin and was just amazed at the feel. It now has me coveting a 29er.

I'm now riding a Nishiki Pinnacle that is almost 15 years old. It was my starter bike, but I'm wanting to move up a level with a newer bike I might be able to upgrade more easily. The guy at the shop started telling me about how the Wahoo should be coming to the store next month and was about $100 cheaper than the Marlin. I'm wondering what are your impressions of the Wahoo 29er that you know right now? Would I be better scratching together another $100 for the Marlin? I want to give it a ride when it comes in and see what I think of both. I read someone saying it looked like they downgraded the Wahoo a lot.

I do know one thing. Even if it's not the best bike out there, it definitely should be better than what I'm riding right now.