I need some advice guys n gals,
I've had this bike for about 6 months. Im a pretty built guy, Im 250 lbs right now and its going down gradually.
I ride my bike relatively hard. Im starting to find the weak links in my bike.

The rear hub is on its last legs, the rear deraileur is messed up, and the POS front fork is toast....

Im upgrading the fork to a Marzocchi MX Lo. I know the offset is 2mm less, and im adding 20mm of travel (100mm to a 120mm)....So I will add a longer stem.

Im looking at buying a new wheel set. I dont know what way to go with them. I know I want disc brakes. The brakes Im lookin at are avids or Tektro

Im also wanting to replace the casset when I replace my deraileur. Its currently the original 7 speed and I dont know if I can add an 8 or 9.

Keep in mind that I am a full time student and I dont have a ton of money on hand. So most of the stuff Im lookin at is either on closeout, Lightly used, or on sale.

Any positivie input would be greatly appreciated. (BTW this forum is a wealth of info and Im constantly reading and trying to find the answers. If the quesitons I have asked are already answered in a thread somewhere. could you point me in the right direction please.)