2010 HiFi Cracked Linkage

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  • 11-03-2012
    2010 HiFi Cracked Linkage
    Hey guys,
    Last year I cracked a chain stay and Trek was great about getting a new one out to me. Lately I've been feeling a little wash out in the rear end when I take left hand turns. Today I was cleaning the bike and got close enough to the "wishbone" linkage that connect the seat stay to the front triangle and shock. There are 4 fairly large cracks through it that, when I push down the seat, open in a manner that would yield my "washy" feeling on left handers.

    Anyone else experienced this issue with this part? Up to this point I had just been tightening joints thinking **** was just getting loose...

    Do you think Trek will be able to warranty this part? Is it considered under the lifetime frame warranty?
  • 12-12-2012
    Captain Cobb
    What was the end outcome of this? I've got a 2010 HiFi also.
  • 12-15-2012
    Warranty Replacement of Magnesium Link with CF Link
    My rear suspension on a 2010 HiFi Pro started feeling mushy then I noticed that the magnesium link had cracked right around one of the link bolts. If your LBS has a good reputation doing warranty replacement there should not be an issue. I brought my bike in, they sent a photo to Trek and I had my bike back with a new carbon fiber link 5 days later.
  • 01-03-2013
    Did the OP have any advancement with his LBS? They rear may still be available from Trek/Fisher. I have just recently replaced my old Sugar with a Roscoe thanks to Trek/Fisher warranty. :D
  • 01-04-2013
    Hey guys, sorry for the late response. Trek sent my lbs a carbon link off the superfly 100. But I killed another swing arm in the last week, so the bike is back in the shop.