• 12-12-2012
    2006 Gary Fisher Cake (4" Travel) Rear shock
    Hi all,

    I am treating myself to a new fork for christmas and was looking to see if any of the 4" travel cake owners ever replaced the rear shock to get 5" of travel? I know my frame has a 7" e2e shock with a 40mm stroke. Comparing my 2006 to the DLX model i can inly notice a difference of a longer shock and larger travel fork. Can anyone provide any info on putting in a longer rear shock on the cake?

  • 01-28-2018
    This depends on the frame size. The Cake 1 and 2's had a 2.0" stroke shock and were 5" travel bikes. For example, I am about to replace the 7.5x2 Manitou frame shock on a first-run Cake 1DLX with a 7.5x2 Fox shock (since there are no more 5th Element rebuild kits to be had).