A friend bought a 2005 Gary Fisher X-Caliber to strip for the parts. The frame is a 21" and is too large for him, so he's willing to sell it to me for cheap. I'm 6'3" with a 36" actual inseem, so the frame will fit me. I've got a 120mm Manitou Tower Pro 29er fork that I've been wanting to use for a hard tail frame build. I know the X-Cal originally came with a 80mm fork, but I've seen some people use a 100mm fork without any issues. The Manitou has a 48mm offset, whereas the stock fork was 38mm. The additional offset will help to counter some of the effects of the slackened HTA and the extra 40mm of fork length/travel. It looks like the geometry will end up something like a Trek Stache, with it's 120mm travel/51mm offset fork, 68.6 degree HTA and 72 degree STA. Off the top of my head, I believe the 2005 X-Cal has a 71.5 degree HTA and 73 degree STA. The chain stays are a little shorter than the newer G2 frames. The top-tube length, head tube length, BB height, and wheelbase don't appear to have changed much, compared to the newer frames.

Although I mentioned "all mountain" in the thread title, the bike will be used primarily for a spare XC trail bike, and some rails-to-trails type stuff that I don't want to ride with my full suspension GT Sensor 29r. Am I nuts, or should I give it a shot?