So i got a 2001 Paragon frame for free and built it up with parts i had from previous bikes(i will post pictures asap) My question is, this specific frame is a non disc specific frame so it has no mounts on the rear what so ever. I know trek makes a part that can go on frames that don't have mounts
Has anyone used these before? If so, are they a crock of crap or legit?
One more thing, has anyone noticed the older fisher frames to flex slightly on the rear triangle when engaging the rear v-brake? Would a break booster solve this? I don't like running v-brakes but i love the Genesis geometry and i couldn't pass it up this frame. If those disc brake converters are for real i would love to run disc, if not i know the XTR v-brakes are better then half of the disc brake out there so i will run those. Any feed back would be great. Thanks guys!