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    Help on 1st 29er, Gary Fisher Cobia or Fuji Tahoe 29 Comp

    Help in deciding between the Gary Fisher Cobia 29er and the Fuji Tahoe 29 Comp. I've found a LBS that is selling a brand new Fuji Tahoe 29 Comp for $574, which I thought was a good deal for my very first bike.

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    If they were selling for msrp (both around $1,000), I'd say go for the Fisher, mainly because of the better fork. But at that price, the Fuji is a good buy.

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    thats a hellva deal... i'd have been tempted by the fuji if my LBS fuji shop sold any of the good stuff (they sell mostly paved trail/cruiser type bikes) it's well speced for that price thats for sure...

    but as others will tell you... ride both... pick the one that fits you and feels best ...
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    Yeah do the test ride thingy if you can. The Fisher has that G2 geometry business that handles way different from other 29ers... if that really rings your bell then you'll be kicking yourself for not coughing up a few extra. It's only a "deal" if it put a smile on...

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