Your bikes....?

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  • 01-15-2015
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    I'm new to this forum, but have been building frames for a while and posting them on another forum. Someone suggested I post my wares here!

    So here's a quick few shots of my builds so far. All comments welcome and appreciated.

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  • 01-15-2015
    Fix the Spade
    Brilliant use of a Prophet swing arm.

    Any detail shots of the black FS bike too?
  • 01-15-2015
    Loads of photos in my Pinkbike album here.

    Details of JMc07 and JMc04 are also pretty good.

    JMc005 Photo Album - Pinkbike
  • 01-15-2015
    You'll find far fewer drawings of huck bikes with 37 pivots and 6 linkages on here compared to Pinkbike, but you'll also find more good info on materials and technique.

    You're JMc005 helped push me over the top to build my fs frame, I had planned to build a couple more hardtails first but said screw it I mostly ride fs so let's build it.

    Another wealth of good information can be found on the V-Salon frame forum.
  • 01-19-2015
    phutphutend, great-looking bikes. I thought that looked like a prophet swingarm. How do they ride?
  • 02-15-2015
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    Balance Bike
  • 03-23-2015

    26lbs. with the road wheels 650g. platforms and a 530g Terra-cycle/Rans stem and riser

    off-road version (original intent, commission)

    Velocity Dually rear wheel, W/Knard 29+, Blunt 35 front W/2.4 Conti X-trail
    200g pedals and the new stem weights 275g's (but forgot to add the 3 fixing bolts)

  • 09-03-2015
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    my first 29er
    I'm new to this forum and this is my first 29" tigged this summer
  • 09-03-2015
    nice looking frame, whats up with that seat?!
  • 09-03-2015
    thank you, I usually long climbs and I have always found it best to tilt the saddle like that ... I know it sounds very strange!
  • 07-19-2016
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    A couple on the go atm
    Attachment 1083163Attachment 1082935

    Lugged SL tubed single speed cx/path/gravel/cake bike
    Another wip, 20" wheel minivelo with 1x5 drivetrain.
  • 10-22-2016
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    Here is my #1 frame.
    Very happy with result. Thou I would like to buy bent seat tube for 31.6 post for next one or learn how to bend it.