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    Wheelbuilders: Is this wheel laced correctly? (x-post)

    Need advice from experienced wheel builders... Thank you in advance.

    A friend had this wheel laced at the LBS. LBS laced on one rather than alternating sides of paired spoke holes. Given parts and purpose, is this a problem or suboptimal? (Not going to reveal or demonize LBS, just want square advice to seek correction, if needed.)

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    Surly advertises the Krampus with the spokes alternating sides... Im struggling to find it laced one sided anywhere online.

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    It looks like they thought they were doing a Pugsley wheel build. Krampus should be symmetrical...
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    Indeed, the only time I've seen an offset build is for chainline creation, as in a F/R 135mm hub offset build on a Pugsley. Does this bike have some kind of oddball drivetrain that requires chainline help? There's "nothing inherently wrong with it", but you certainly wouldn't choose to do it for no reason. Curious...
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    Not really frambuilding related, but I'll bite anyway.

    The RHs can be built up symmetrically using one side of the spoke holes, it can be the "proper" way of building it up depending on the hubs used. The large diameter rim with the offset spoke drillings and a hub requiring rim be dished can reduce the spoke bracing angle to nearly nothing. Meaning the spokes leave the hub shell nearly vertically.

    I'm guessing the wheel in your photo is the front wheel and the spokes are all on the drive side.

    If anything the wheelbuilder deserves a high five for doing it properly.

    Edit* obviously it's a front wheel on your Fargo.
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    You'd never want to lace the spokes to the same side as the flange (i.e. left flange to left side holes) because that would turn a triangulated wheel into a parallelogram - much less rigid.

    If the rim needs to be offset, then lacing to just one side is perfectly acceptable. If the rim is going to be central between the flanges, then the correct way is to lace spokes from the left flange to the right side and vice versa, that way it's still triangulated.

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    I am assuming this is the front wheel for a krampus fork on a fargo based on what info you provided.

    As such, the fargo gen1 has a small front rotor (160) and the wheel builder may have chosen to use one side for brake clearance.

    That or he didn't know what he was doing or how to correctly compensate for the offset spoke beds on either side.

    Either way, were it me doing the build, it probably would have been something I threw over the fence to the client to decide rather than making that choice for them...180 rotors are pretty cheap and would have allowed for a symmetric build.


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