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    Timber "lugged" frame

    loving the latest builds!
    On a tour through the Europe we visited a really good cycle museum at Nijmegen. Amazing historical archive of bicycle design! Amongst the many bikes there were a couple that looked like steel or alloy lugs with wodden or bamboo "tubes". I have found pics of one similar on flickr (I think...) and am working up to build one myself. My woodwork tech buddy reckons on laminate ash, rather than single dowel pieces to reduce warping and increase strength. I was palnning on doing the old "build a frame and cut it up to leave the lugs" trick, probably using 31.7 heattube material. Then bonding in the wooden "tubes".

    Any thoughts/feedback?



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    I'd give it a try, and see how it goes. I imagine it'd work, but be a little weighty. Probably ride great though. You might be better off doing it the way the bamboo bikes do it, with carbon fibre "lugs" at the wood intersections... Or like boat makers do it with fibreglass joints. As always, lots of testing and breaking along the way to see if it's strong enough.

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