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    Straight vs S-bent stays? Ride different??

    Hi guys I'm trying to deciede on 2 quite similar road/cx frames (Lynskey Cooper cx / Lynskey Viale).
    Obviously both are titanium. The seat/chainstay on these are different. The Viale uses completely staight tubes
    and the Cooper cx uses s-bent tubes. All else being equal will these ride different??

    I remember reading in one of the threads here about someone who preferred straight stays or possibly stays with only one bend in them. I don't remember why though. Is there any difference in practice? I'm thinking about felt stablility, comfort, possibly "stiffness" and so on. I'm guessing the tubing is straight gauge here.

    Also one of the frames uses straight gauge tubing for the main triangle, but does it matter with ti (in your opinion)? I don't care about weight.

    This will be my first ti framed bike so I have no idea what to expect.

    I know this isn't about building frames but I have a feeling you guys are the ones to ask here since you actually build frames similar to these.
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    No, you won't be able to tell with either the seatstay shape or the tube butting, all other things being equal.

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