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    short cs mtb and an urban fixie

    In my last post Walt responded and asked if I had any other frames going because he knew the urban fixie was done. I didn't post anything more because I thought the short chain stay 29er (Eye Ball) was almost done and I could post them at the same bike builds ever go as planned?

    I always feel like there are a whole host of people to thank after finishing a bike. This is my fourth and fifth bike so maybe the list will start to get shorter in the future. But until then...none of this would have been possible without Tim Mackey, hence the downtube sticker on the urban fixie. He is too self conscious to put his name on any bike he builds...but I'm not.

    The lugged frame and fork would have been dangerous to ride without the invaluable silver lesson from the famous Dave Porter and Chauncy Matthews.

    I hesitate to mention that Walt bent the seat tube and included the sleeve on the short chain stay 29er because I'm not sure if he wants to get calls from lacky builders like myself looking for the same service.

    And finally, the Eye Ball bike would not be straight without the help of the incomaprable Doug Bradburry. He has forgotten more about bikes then I will ever know.

    Now the details: The urban fixie started out life as a lugset for a fully-rigid 26 inch mtb. I didn't want one of those so I played around with the angles to make something the city kids might like. It has a fix/free flip-flop hub so I thought it needed a brake for 'free' mode. I wish I could say that the 2mm of clearance between the 140mm rotor and the fork blade was intentional but sometimes you just get lucky. A friend and I do a 150 mile ride every year and we decided to try it with one-speeds this time, hence the frame bag and water bottle holder...We didn't make it. Maybe next year.

    The Eye Ball is a 420mm long chain stay 29er made for maximum tire clearance and no front derailleur. When it is built up I will see if I nailed the 69* head tube angle and proper saddle position. I had never done a 44mm head tube or a curved seat tube before. And added some style points with the curved/oval caliper brace and notched and bent 'v' seat stay arch.

    I don't know what it says about me being a frame builder when I enjoy designing letter fonts, cutting them out of electrical tape, and applying them just as much as coping and brazing tubes.

    Now it is time to ride them and see where they break...hence the white paint jobs.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3813.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3816.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3817.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3818.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3808.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3810.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3811.jpg  

    short cs mtb and an urban fixie-img_3812.jpg  

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    Looks much better with paint, tell Tim I said that!
    Nice job getting those lugs to work for you.

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    There's something cool about seeing a box of tubes and various frame bits show up. That alchemy thing where items of no value turn into something amazing. Lead to gold.

    Only a few short hundred man hours or so later and you have a frame worthy of a rattle can paint job.

    By the way- the urban fixie would have done the 150 mile day ride, it's rider too.
    The other half of that equation.... His knees are still sore.

    The new owner of the cs mtb bike can corner like most of us dream about. If that frame lasts a few seasons, it'll outlast the multiple Niner frames he's had. We'll see.....

    Nice Job Sick Sticks. Now all you need is corporate accounts w/ the big names.
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    Keep an eye on that left fork blade - disc brakes and road blades don't always play well together.

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