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Bringheli Jig for Sale - a set on Flickr

For sale is my Bringheli jig with many extras. Ive owned this for about 5 years and it has served me well. Its in great shape with normal wear and tear. Ive made a lot of improvements and additions which are listed below.

Stainless headtube rod instead of mild steel. This helps with cleaning and keeping the headtube cups moving smoothly.

Thumb screws instead of set screws for quick adjustment.

Additional headtube holders for 44mm headtubes.

Metal handles with large washers for greater holding power on the headtube and seattube assembly instead of plastic.

Stainless bottom bracket cups that hold the bottom bracket shell faces for greater accuracy. The cups are trimmed near the chainstays so they dont act as a heat sink.

Clip-on chainring and crank clearance checker is included.

Stainless seattube cone instead of mild steel.

Disc tab holder for rear axle is included.

Adapter to use Anvil dummy axles is included. No Anvil dummy axles are included.

Mounting post for any Park Tool stand is included. This is near the center of gravity and allows easy 360* rotation.

130, 120, 110mm Bringheli dummy axles are included. 135mm is achieved with spacers.

Bottom bracket cones for eccentric bottom brackets are included.

Original bottom bracket cones are included.

Original seattube cone is included.

Dummy axle with fork disc tab holder is included.

$1000 plus shipping.

Thanks, Joel