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Thread: My first frame

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    Gettin closer

    Been making some good progress recently...

    Laid all the fillets around the frame except the rear triangle and started to get them cleaned up
    My first frame-2013-03-27_18-26-54_69.jpg

    Spent some time aligning everything. This turned out to be one of the most nerve racking things iv'e done thus far, but also pretty assuring since all my welds held up to the bending My first frame-2013-03-30_16-11-50_478.jpg

    Currently working on getting the seat stays mitered in, which has proven to be pretty difficult
    My first frame-2013-03-31_17-08-59_28.jpgMy first frame-2013-03-31_17-12-24_953.jpg

    Also have everything for the build now:
    Rock shox reba rlt 29
    Chris king headset
    Thomson post and stem
    Brooks B17
    White industries eno crankset
    CB eggbeater sl
    Shimano BB(to be replaced by W.I.)
    Chinese freewheel(to be replaced by W.I.)
    Paul hubs
    Stans ztr arch ex 29
    Dt Swiss competitions
    KMC Z chain
    Truvativ stylo bar(to be replaced by something carbon and american made(apparently the thomson bars are made in Taiwan?))
    Avid BB7 / g2 rotors
    Avid speed dial 7
    Jagwire carbon mtb cables
    American classic tubeless valves

    I originaly wanted for everything to be american made, but that has proven to be quite impossible...

    Can anyone suggest some american made handlebars?
    I'm aware of ENVE(a little more pricey than im looking but a possibilty), Thomson(bars made in taiwan), groovy(which is steel or ti and only comes in 25.4 and not 31.8. Are there any others that are carbon and 31.8(not looking to run a big'ol shim)

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    I'm told most ENVE bars are not made in the US. Some of a certain model are made here, but there's really no way of telling.

    I'm mailing a check to Rody later today, for some Luv Handles... Pretty sure Ohio is in the US.

    Edit* woops I replied before completely reading your post.
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    It lives!

    Still have a lot of clean up work on fillets and such... but for now we ride. Ill get around to doing that when i decide to get it painted

    Thanks for all the help along the way!My first frame-2013-04-19_20-54-27_545.jpg

    I would show a pic of it on the trail. but one of my tires has a pretty big rip in the sidewall. Funny how you dont notice that until you run tubeless. Needless to say the tire spews sealant every rotation lol

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    Thumbs up, Beat!

    Your bike looks good!

    I'm surprised that you didn't do what I did and just ride around with no disc mount for a month or so. Hopefully you've avoided all the dropout filing I had to do to get the rear wheel lined up properly.
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    Proper picture

    My first frame-301924_10151345356177610_2092059345_n.jpg

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    Looks Great!

    - How's it working?
    - How close did you come to your design intent?
    - What did you do "wrong?"
    - What would you change or do differently?
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    Thanks all!

    Man is it great to be back on a mountain bike! I had my shoulder strapped back together after a 3rd degree separation last september and had my first ride back on a frame i built while i was out of the game. Not gonna lie, it was a great feeling.

    Everything turned out just about as I planned except CS and SS clearance. I planned to be able to run 2.35's, but alas I am currently running 2.1's with very minimal clearance. I just didnt have access to the machinery needed to bend or dent stays. Also one of the seat stays is slightly out of phase I did manage however to keep the CS pretty short at 425mm and it really likes to go up, as i find myself inadvertently wheelying uphill.

    I cant say much for the 51mm offset as the only other 29er ive spent any time on was the same fashion. I did make a slight adjustment to the HA to make it steer just a tad quicker and it turned out quite nicely especially on the twisty rooty singletrack in my area.

    To be honest, i was really surprised something didnt break, for as little practice as i did and my utter noobness at metal work.... I think my next plan is to buy some straight gauge 4130 from a local supplier and practice brazing/heat control and maybe even try to learn to tig, and hopefully using the scraps to make some sort of 24in bmx/croozer/pump bike

    Cant wait to get some miles in on some different terrain, however its exam week and i gotta go study...


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