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    The making of a Chain Stay

    So I have had a couple people ask me about the CS on my 36er. Im starting another frame so I thought I'd show what it takes to make a 2ft
    long CS so here goes! Starting with a 4ft piece of 3/4" x.065 tubing.The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00701.jpg

    Next I find center and put a mark for later after the bending process
    to cut the tube in half then off to the bender (JD2). I don't put a line at
    start of the bend since I will have excess to cut off at the other end I just
    line up the end of the tube with shoe coupler. On the CS I pull it 2 notches this makes it easy for repeatability.
    The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00702.jpgThe making of a Chain Stay-dsc00703.jpgThe making of a Chain Stay-dsc00704.jpg

    After I repeat this on the other end it gets cut in half.The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00705.jpgThe making of a Chain Stay-dsc00707.jpg

    Also I forgot to mention you'll need your Waltworks Sox on to complete any of this!

    Now on to dimpling the the stay for more tire clearance I made this tool last year and I have only used twice before, as you can see its made with a 2 1/2lb dumb bell. To get the similar result I measure the exposed shaft on the jack
    The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00708.jpgThe making of a Chain Stay-dsc00709.jpg

    To ovalize the tube from the bend to the end it gets pressed between a piece of wood and a bigger press head. Same as before press to desired result and measure the jack shaft.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00710.jpg  

    The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00712.jpg  

    The making of a Chain Stay-dsc00713.jpg  

    PAYASO 36er.....Live the Circus

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    andy walker

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    Thats cool! Thanks for sharing.


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