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    First Frame! 650b Hardtail

    So after lurking for YEARS I went ahead and planned out my first frame. A ton of research, access to tools and a good friend who knows how to weld helped me put thing frame together. Just like I learned in design school, a project is never done. After sitting back and staring at it I would have changed a handful of things but overall I am satisfied. Below is a link to photos of the completed bike.

    Excuse the watered down write up on my portfolio page but it was written in a way to be consumed by the masses. My rationale why I chose to spec a 425mm chain stay, 300mm bb height, and 34.9 OD/ 30.9 ID seat tube would probably fall on deaf ears. I am in the process of doing a more detailed write up and will post it here when its done.

    While I did design the frame and cut all the metal a friend who also frequents this board welded it for me. My TIG ability isn't very proficient and out of safety he handled the welding portion. Next time I wont be so lucky and I will be on my own.

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1320.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1423.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1425.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1782.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1962.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1964.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1969.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_1997.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_2004.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_2029.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-img_2142.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8888.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8895.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8896.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8899.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8900.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8908.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8915.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8926.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8928.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8941.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8950.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8953.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8963.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8969.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8973.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8977.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8979.jpg

    First Frame! 650b Hardtail-ai6a8985.jpg
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    Congratulations! You should be proud. It's a clean, classic design. Methinks I see a strong PVD influence. Great looking complete build, too!

    My next frame (#3) will be similar. Couple of questions for you: Is that the Nova 29'er pre-bent downtube? And what seatstays did you use? I'm still searching for seatstays to my liking. Those look like single-bend, and that might be the ticket.

    I'd be curious to see complete geometry numbers if you care to share. Congratulations again on a very nice frame!

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    Awesome! Enjoy the hell out of it.
    Mike Zanconato
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    nice bike!!

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    Thanks guys!
    I am going to update my post with a print as soon as I access the "windows" side of my mac. boot camp took a dump yesterday.

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    Very nicely detailed. LOVE the color!!!!!! Not sure the rear brake brace was necessary, with caliper mounting contained within the DO. Dings the aesthetic a tad, arguably. Nit picking...

    Very nice!!
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    The brace won't hurt, I think I'd brace when the disc brake tabs focus on the seat stays not the chain stays since they're usually thinner. Here it may not be thinner, but meh, not so bad of a build. It rather rocks! Nice internal routing, great details, great job.
    Now about that downtube? Nova perhaps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by afwalker View Post
    Now about that downtube? Nova perhaps?
    Yup, Nova "29er" with 15 degree (14.8 actual) bend.

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    Last bike I made with those dropouts had a brace. I figure better safe than sorry.

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    Ran across this today looking for 650b hardtails and just wanted to say how impressed I am with your frame & buildout. And the color, amazing! I'd buy one of these in a second if I could
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    Great looking bike. Nice work.
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    Hey SFBMRC, how about a ride report? Anything about this frame that you would change, now that you've had a chance to ride it?

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