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    Dedacciiai tube specs/butt lengths?

    Does anybody have access to the complete specs for Dedacciai steel tubes? I need some butt lengths and taper locations on a few tubes.

    I don't think it's easy for Joe to update his site and I wondered if anybody had the specs.

    If anybody had dealt with their 01 35>32 tapered DT: is there a constant-diameter section on either end?

    Butt lengths on their 8/5/8 29er DT?

    Is the tapered HT, drop-in/ZS bearing?


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    Call Joe?

    It has always frustrated me that Deda doesn't have useful info easily available. Seems to be a theme with bike tube companies, though.

    I can't answer any of those questions, really, except to say that I had a conversation with Joe about the tapered head tubes and:
    -You have to *glue in* aluminum inserts or something like that.
    -They are some odd Campy headset standard, I think?

    This was a couple of years ago so I might be misremembering (or they could have changed them), though. Joe has all the info in his brain, you just have to listen really carefully to understand it.

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    Some of the Dedacciai specs can be found from here.

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