my bike has a crack at the bottom of the weld where the seat tube is joined to the top tube. it runs along the weld about an inch +/- a few millimeters before diverging from the weld. my front triangle is a 2011 Norco Range 3 and it is 2 & 1/2 years old now and I'm thinking I've thrashed it a little; but aren't things supposed to break away from the weld? My understanding is that if the weld cracks, there was lack of fusion during the welding process. the weld is supposed to be stronger than the metal joined and so the metal surrounding should, in some perfect world, go first due to fatigue if thrashing the bike is the problem.

A rep from the company is going to be in on Tuesday, and I'm not terribly concerned, but it doesn't seem like this is exactly a stunt jumping issue.