After quite a bit of badgering by yours truly, the good folks at TT have started production of the new 44mm headtube stock.

You can go to my blog to order it:

For technical details, refer to the MTBR thread here:

The tubing comes in 5' lengths. I am happy to sell either a full length (which will be cut in half for shipping) for $55, or a cut 200m length (for those who want to build just one frame to try it out) for $20 (shipping in the continental US is included in both prices).

If you're outside the lower 48, please don't use the Paypal link - instead email me and I will calculate the shipping and provide you with an invoice.

I *expect* delivery in about 2 weeks, but I am NOT GUARANTEEING A DELIVERY DATE. If you are on a strict schedule, I can do everything possible at my end to rush the tubing to you, but I am at the mercy of the supplier regarding when it actually shows up here. If something goes horribly wrong and the tubes never show, I will of course refund your money.

Stand by for the official MTBR ad link...