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    1st time Bamboo...

    I'm toying with the idea of building a bamboo 29r... This would be primarily used for commuting, but some trail use, too...

    For simplicity, I'm thinking of getting this fixture kit:

    And this tube set:

    For dropouts, BB shell, and HT, I was going to look into Paragon... Fork will be my old Niner carbon fork. Lug material would be hemp bast fiber.

    I have some thoughts on how to add a H2O bottle cage and rear rack mounts...

    Your thoughts on my very rough plan so far?

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    Cool project. I LOL'd when I clicked on the link and saw the frame tube kit.
    Here ya go... Build a frame outta this.
    I like turtles

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    Might consider wrapping the joints with carbon instead of the hemp.. Otherwise seems like a fun thing to watch the progress on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by classrc View Post
    Your thoughts on my very rough plan so far?
    I've built a few bamboo bikes. Using a 2" diameter down tube will avoid front triangle torsion problems ...which is a hard size to find in the Phyllostachys family.

    Talk to Whispering Winds Bamboo or Brightside Bamboo. They could get you some interesting sizes possibly, they actually know what species they sell, AND THEY ANSWER THEIR F*CKING EMAIL WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE REST OF YOU IDIOT SUPPLIERS?!
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