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    Folding 26" Wheel Announced

    This may be good news for 26" tire development and availability for the present and future.

    I could see these wheels deployed on aight weight folding mountain bike to enable lengthy portages over rugged terrain in order to traverse country that was once inhospitable to cyclists.

    "The Revolve is a full-size 26-inch spoked wheel that can be folded to a third its diameter and 60 percent less space, and back again in an instant, and its commercial availability will offer new design possibilities for folding bicycles, folding wheelchairs and many other vehicles that need to be transported in compact form.

    The modular Revolve 26-inch folding wheel was announced this week by German designer Andrea Mocellin, immediately threatening to become a disruptive force in the area of folding mobility."

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    Actually, it doesn't appear to be oriented towards mountain bike applications, and furthermore the "tire" is a radical departure from our current technology.

    Still, it does look promising.

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    Interesting but note that the tire is part of it, it is solid and in sections that break apart. So you'd have to replace the whole wheel to replace the tire. I suppose they could come out with various tire sections that could be replaced but I doubt this will have any effect on the mtb scene.
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    what is the material of the wheel?
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    The link takes one to a phenomenal filled with advertisements.

    I just reread the article and it doesn't say anything about the materials used, but it looks like plastic to me.

    The scant comments on the prototype are critical. One suspects that the wheels are very heavy. Another says the wheel doesn't add much in terms of portability because the folded wheel is still a large object, and that furthermore it adds complications due to that fact that a folding bike requires disassembly and reassembly. Another points out that it doesn't appear as though the wheel is compatible with existing drive systems.

    I'm still impressed.

    Another quote:

    "If you want to do sports riding, or off-road riding, you need to have larger wheels. If you have large wheels, you can basically have a racing bicycle that can be stored in hand luggage on an airplane."

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    Hello run flats...

    At least you won't get flats, but the ride will harsh as hell. I can't see an application where this will be a big hit. Wheel chairs... nope. Commuters... whole bikes already fold and would be pointless to fold wheels separately and have even more things to carry. It is kind of like a fix for something that's not really broken, yet.

    "Helping people with disabilities to have an easier life is one of the key goals of the project, and I expect that once the inventors of the world have seen the components I have developed, there will be some ingenious solutions developed in short order."

    Hmm, not sure how a folding wheel will help diabetes specifically but it is an interesting design.

    There's a few options already out there for collapsible wheels in the wheel chair space btw. After the video I got inundated with wheel videos lol.

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    Another mad-hatter idea that will go nowhere.

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    ^ Aye, these things get re-invented on a regular basis, and they always suck. A folding airless tyre is a novel twist though, I'll give them that.

    I like the relevant comment in the classic Richard's Bicycle Book: "I would rather get a puncture every day for life than ride on Zeus Airless tyres".
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    Aren't 26" wheels small enough already?

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    I'll stick to my 20" folding Dahon. I don't care how it looks folded or unfolded. As long as it gets me to and from work.
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