• 07-19-2013
    Change...bike? Fancy folding.
    I'm looking at taking a vacation in a couple of months and have been contemplating purchasing a folding(!) bike to go along (Plan on stopping a few days at Whistler.) I've seen quite a few but only two have stood out to me. The first is the Montague Paratrooper (and variants) and one I recently discovered, the Changebike. The latter seems to have promise though I haven't been able to find much on its durability or build quality and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it.

    It also comes in at 10kg or so. I've been planning on getting a second bike and this up coming trip is as good as any to get one. Though it will be cheaper to get a bike bag and pay the airline fees.

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  • 07-19-2013
    Why not rent at Whistler? I like the conventional folding bikes with small wheels like BikeFriday, Birdy, etc.