• 11-29-2012
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    Foes F275 is in da' Mtbr house!
    Just received this from Brent and Chris yesterday.

    Plenty more pix here:

    Foes F275 Photos and Preview Ė Ultra Trail Design | Mountain Bike Review

    This thing is beautiful!!
  • 11-29-2012
    U lucky son of a motherless goat
    Looking forward to reading your ride report and how you think it compares to other 650b's you've tested.

  • 12-02-2012
    fxr man
    Just might have to take a trip down to see Brent and have look at this new ride. Just looking at it makes me want one!!!
  • 12-06-2012
    Any update on a ride report?
  • 12-07-2012
    Initial Ride Review
    @X-FXR - if you click the article link in the first post you can read it, but I copied and pasted below as well.

    @Greg - Nice initial review, looking forward to reading more after further testing. I don't really need 6" travel so if I bought this frame I'd want to run a 150mm fork with the rear setting at 5.75". Any chance you'll do some testing with a 150mm front/5.75" rear set up?

    Update: Dec. 5
    We got the Foes 275 out on the trails yesterday for the first time. The bike weighed in at 33 lbs with the Spank pedals so itís no svelte xc ballerina. But the pedaling platform worked well and it had a good climbing position with short 17.1 inch stays. The head angle 67 degrees is a bit slack and one needs to pay attention on the 18 consecutive switchbacks of Finch trail in Waterdog Park, CA. And when climbing on rough terrain, one has to be aware that the bike is low to the ground and position the pedals so they donít smack on to trail obstacles. Itís not really a problem here in Northern CA, but it is a bigger issue in other parts of the country with more trail obstacles.

    The Crank Brothers Kronolog post worked well but with the 5 inch drop and 2 inch mechanism, we couldnít drop the post low enough to our desired height when fully extended. Shims have to be inserted inside the post to limit the travel of the post.

    After the brakes bedded in, we started letting the bike rip on the downhills. This is a bike thatís very easy to ride fast downhill. The short 17.1 inch stays worked in concert with the low 13.1 inch bb to deliver a bike that was low to the ground and easy to carve in and out of corners. We tried to find the rough lines on the trail but they were not much of a match for the 160 mm travel, 34 mm stanchion fork. The 67 degree head angle is slack and it really wasnít challenged by the descents we were able to throw at it. Letís just say weíre going to dig deep to find some SF Bay Area trails that will showcase the full capabilities of this bike.

    The Nevegal tires on the Azonic wheels worked well. Weíll throw in some tubeless Schwalbes later. But first impression on this bike was excellent. We took it down the 18 switchbacks twice as it was fun to throw this bike around and whip it around all those bermed switchbacks.


    Great first session and we look forward to many more with this Foes.