it was weird. she is a GREAT doctor. she emailed me and introduced herself and scheduled an appointment to set a baseline i suppose. she went thru the KP system and looked at my history.

she GRILLED me on my nutrition. in the end she told me she noted that i lost 30+ lbs and just wanted to make sure i was following a solid nutrition program (friendly way of making sure i didnt have an eating disorder) more health family history ques, some blood work and back at work.

she did ask how i did it. i answered, BIKING. first climbing hills on a road bike then more heart-redlining on a mtn bike. that plus eating more plant based. i'm chinese so i cant cut carbs.

i rode yesterday. i put my front tire on the back tire of some younger riders and rode a great pace. turning 50 isnt crushing like i imagined it to be when i was in my 20's.