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    Weights dfifference between 9r Elite and 9r Race

    I'm looking at getting a Felt 9r hardtail, and I'm wondering about the weights on the following 2 bikes and whether anyone knows the details for a size MEDIUM.

    Felt 9 Elite

    Felt 9 Race

    THe Elite is only $500 more and is full carbon. I haven't been interested in carbon as I've seen all my fly-weight buddies breaking frames, however, as a dedicated race bike, I might consider this now..


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    These weights are from the 2009 catalog...

    Elite = 24.6
    Race = 25.3

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    I've got the Race and love it. Quick but stable. Comfortable.

    I didn't want carbon, either, in a MTB... don't want to get stranded with a broken frame in the middle of nowhere. Aluminum frames dent... but you could ride it out!

    But like you said, if it's a dedicated race bike, Carbon might be the right choice.

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