Hi all,

My riding mate has a Felt Virtue 4 which has devloped a problem with the front derailler. I think the frame is an 07 or maybe 08 model and the derailler is "bolt on" (it appears to have a bracket that goes onto the bottom bracket) rather than "clamp on" (sorry about the technical terms here). For some reason he is having trouble getting the derailler to move far enough to cleanly shift either down to granny gear or if it is adjusted so it will do that, it won't shift up to the big ring. The local bike mechanic has spent some time on it and Felt's solution appears to be to pad the whole derailler out with a washer to give it a bigger reach.

It seems weird that it worked OK to start with but as things have worn a bit the shifting issues have become a problem. The chain is well within the stretch limits and the chain rings are (according to the mechanic) pretty good. Something must have changed but I am at a loss to know what it might be.

Has anybody else struck this problem? I belive the newer frame has gone back to a clamp on type derailler, possibly to combat this issue, so I am guessing others have struck this. I am just wondering if there is a solution out there or what else we can look at.

I apologise that I don't have the details for the derailler etc but if someone has had issues like this, I will get the details from my mate.

Thanks in advance.