I got an XL 2010 Felt Virtue 1 frame last year as a crash replacement for an '08. I don't like the slacker Head angle. Is anyone interested in a slacker bike and want to trade an '10 for the '09 version of the bike.

The bike went from a 70 with a 130mm RS [atc 51cm] to 69 with a 120mm Fox [atc 49cm].
I like the fast handling nature of my old '08 model 69.8 [with 51cm atc], but they only had '07 and '10 available and the '07 had a poorly design main pivot bolt along with a flexy front so I picked the '10 hoping I wouldn't hate it too much. I love everything but the handling and the IS41 headset it uses isn't Angleset friendly.

I think that the rear end is the same so a front triangle swap for a Virtue 3 or 4 might work too. (I don't want to lose the lighter carbon fiber rear triangle.)

I am in southern AZ but would consider a longer distance transaction.